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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Half way through with Tuck essays

I am already half way through my Tuck essays. There are four essays in the Tuck application.

1) Goal essay & Why Tuck - Struggled the most with this essay. I knew what to write, but how to present it effectively was the most difficult part. Wrote 5-6 drafts and then got it reviewed by the 1st reviewer. Got really valuable tips (meaning another 5-6 drafts though...phew!!!) and now the essay seems more coherent and impressive.
Now just need two more reviewing - first by a friend who will check the grammar and sentence formation, and second by my mentor.

2) Leadership experience - Not started yet though have many stories in my mind. I know I will have a hard time selecting one [ Another sleepless nights coming :( ]

3) Greatest challenge - Completed 70% of the essay. This seems to be a clincher according to me. Have a unique story for this essay. Already got reviewed it once by the 1st reviewer. Waiting for comments from my mentor.

4) Contribution to college - Completed the essay and got it reviewed once. Looks decent to me but still really confused about the content. I feel the essay portrays cogent points. Need to review it by couple of guys more before finalizing.

Will try to finalize the Tuck essays by 25th August.


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