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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Information about US B-schools - 1

Since I am already done with my GMAT and have decided to apply with the same score, these days I am busy pestering the current students with my questions (I hope am not :P), reading the blogs of MBA students for some useful information and dissecting the college websites. I would like to share information about few schools with all.

One of the best schools with a General Management course structure. While talking to the students I came to know that around 1/3 to 1/2 of Tuck students go into GM. Tuck has strong ties and alumni in all GM industries.  As per one of the current student “Tuck is probably strongest (in no particular order) in Healthcare, Technology, Industrial Goods/Manufacturing, and CPG.” Tuck alumni also has a decent presence in the Sports and Media sector. Most Tuckies love the outdoors and are very active, but it’s ok if you aren’t too. 

Another great school with a strong General Management course structure. Like Tuck, more than half of the Fuqua students end up in a General Management type role. The Fuqua student community is very strong.  The bonds you build here will last far beyond graduation.  The “Team Fuqua” mantra that you hear about it is spot on. The current students are all extremely receptive and helpful.

UNC vs Darden:-
I was reading through a blog and found a really descriptive first hand view of these two schools by one of the fellow MBA aspirant, who had a chance to visit both the schools. It might be of help to some.

B-Schools (1st round and EA)

As per the 1st round colleges, I have decided on 3 for sure and am still in a dilemma regarding the others

1) Duke (Early Admissions)
2) Tuck (EA)
3) Tepper (re-apply 1st rnd)

Regarding other colleges I'm still confused. Below is the list with the reasons

4) UCLA (just concerned regarding their mean GMAT score being on higher side, else a good choice)
5) Notre Dame (A good Backup School but not sure regarding the placement scene in my desired industry)
6) UNC (not much research)
7) Mccombs - Texas (Good Backup school and decent placement in Technology companies like Apple, MS, Dell but need to research)
8) Marshal - (Situated in California, but need to research)

As per now I have kept the list as it is. I have dropped mails to the current students/club presidents of all the listed colleges and am waiting for their feedback. Also discussing with my friends and my mentor about the same. Let's see how things develop and then I can modify the list accordingly