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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tepper Feedback interview

I had my Tepper feedback interview on 17th August 12:15pm EDT (00:15 SGT). It was a rough day at office and I wanted a good sleep after that. I felt like cursing myself when I agreed for the interview to be scheduled late in the night. I was waiting for a call and to avoid sleeping was killing time by watching old movies from my collection, as I was not in the mood to write any essay.

Got a call at 12:20pm EDT from James Frick, Director MBA admissions. He was very polite in his tone and we had an informal chat for 12-13 minutes. Below is the summary of our conversation

Things that were good in my application:-

1) Long term career goals - As per him my long term goal was unique and showed my passion towards it. He liked my intensive research about the school that I portrayed in 1st essay. As per him no need to change the 1st essay (just tweak the short term goals a bit)

2) GMAT is decent. No need to re-take (was surprised that 700 seemed decent to him, but happy)

3) Overall profile looks promising.

Things to ponder:-

1) Reflect more about myself in the essays. As per him, I did not put enough details to let the admission committee know more about me.

2) Work on 2nd essay.

I asked him one question - How to project a more better candidature through essays? His reply was " Be genuine, show true passion and let us know more about you"

In the end he told me that if I have any later questions or if I require any help with the application/essays, feel free to mail him (that I found to be a very nice gesture).


  1. Its nice to have your long-term goals approved by an AdCom. Less than half work more to be done and you should be good for any top school. All the best!

  2. Yup feels bit relieved when something is acknowledged by adcom. But still work to do on the other aspects of application. So you also gearing up for this year?