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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuck application submitted!!!

After submitting the Duke application, finally submitted Tuck's too. Now two gone, three more to go: Tepper, Mccombs and Notre Dame.

Tuck's application had few elements to think about such as short essay on international experience (if any). Other thing to consider was the 500 word limit for each essay. Finally, after multiple editions, managed to bring my essays below that limit mark. Now the wait continues again for the interview invite.

Meanwhile got a mail reply from Duke that the Application Status is "Complete." At one point of time I felt that no interview invite is sent, but after carefully reading found the note

Once you log in, you will find your Application Status below the Submission Status. If the Application Status is "Complete", all required materials have been received and your file is being evaluated by the Admission Committee.

Now a bit relieved, but still keeping my fingers crossed.



  1. Hey thanks a lot buddy...

    So what's up on your side... How's your application going