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Saturday, October 2, 2010

One month of inactivity at blogosphere

Yesterday I just checked my blog and saw that I wrote my last post on September 1, 2010. (Pardon to the readers who are not used to this kind of date format... What to do, that's the way you write in US)

Last month was like a typical Bollywood movie - drama, thrill, emotions.

* I submitted my first application of the year - Duke (Phew... done with one). I wrote around six to seven drafts of each essay, and after too much editing, finalized them. While I was working on my essays with my mentor and a close friend, I got hold of a really valuable guide from Stacy Blackman 'Designing your B-school applications' that helped me a lot to visualize my essays as a third person. Now the wait is on for the coveted interview call. Fingers' crossed.

* I went to see my first Live F1 race in Singapore with friends. I had been waiting for the race eagerly, and it did not fail me either. We managed to grab the best place to view the race (it was not easy... we went to the venue three hours before the race started) and enjoyed the experience a lot. Kudos to Alonso for the win and three cheers for our favourite Sutil (Force India). Bad luck to Hamilton though....

* I attended the MBA Information event, organized by World MBA tour, in Singapore. Met the assistant admissions director and alumni of UNC, UCLA, Smith and Kelley. It helped a lot in making my decision. Let me share my experience with all the four schools.

1. UNC - My experience with UNC representatives was great. Got to know more about the school's curriculum, research areas, placement scenario and student community. It is very good school for General Management and has a great research in sustainability and finance. Student community is decent and has a good active alumni base.

2. UCLA - Don't want to talk about it. In short, did not feel the connect with the school. Alumni's were busy taking their pictures and were very haughty. Did not like their attitude at all. Even the staff member, who came, was not very impressive.

3. Smith - Same as UCLA. Did not like the attitude of the staff member. None of the alumni was there, so can not comment on student community.

4. Kelley - The adcom was the best among the others. He gave a much better picture about the school, curriculum, placements etc. The only concern area - not much scope outside Marketing domain.


  1. its a nice article....then how did you feel when you attended the MBA information event.... i will also tell you more about MBA.....

  2. I find it pretty interesting... At least cleared a lot of doubts and got an opportunity to meet with the adcom and alumni.