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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Essay evaluation by my mentor - Duke & Tuck

I had evaluation done by my mentor on Duke and Tuck essays yesterday. The result - ripped off

1st essay - Very coherent and message is clear. Just adjust two paragraphs and all set.

2nd essay - Very generic. Non impacting. Will be warded off by adcom. We then discussed on this and had a long conversation. Have to re-write the whole essay... Bah :(

3rd essay - Need to make a proper flow of the paragraphs. Right now it just looks like few bullet points. Also suggested few things that seemed pretty interesting.

1st essay - Similar to Duke minus the word limit relaxation. Will work on it next time.

2nd essay - We discussed many stories and he recommended on one, which seemed different. Will start writing on it

3rd essay - I was sure that he would love it. Trashed!!! He said that it would look good if you applying for an Asian school, but not for a US school. As per him the impact is not great. We then discussed on few stories and decided on one. Will have to re-write this one again.

4th essay - Same problem as of Duke. Re-write it.

In short, this review was an eye-opener, but the worst part is that have to begin everything from scratch (especially Tuck).

Damn these essays are killing me :-|